Mars Rover Opportunity Team 'Still Holding onto a Sliver of Hope'

  • NASA's Opportunity Mars rover has been silent since June 10, a casualty of a mega-dust storm that encircled the Red Planet and led to a halt of the rover's operations at Perseverance Valley.

  • @Natasha-Rabinowitz
    WOW... 15 years old. I knew it was old, but that is far older than I remember! I read that it has just stopped transmitting after a dust storm. I wonder what is up... ? Probably dust seeping into the cracks and finally it got clogged up. They still are HOPING it will keep communicating. I will have to watch now, as I think it probably won't. What would make it START AGAIN? Sad... but it sounds like they are on to a NEW proposal... so we'll probably see another one land in 1/2 a decade or so!

  • Opportunity has been the rover that just kept on roving. Itś lasted far longer than it was ever expected to. Its original mission was supposed to only last three months! Iḿ going to hold on to the hope that maybe another wind storm will clear its solar panels and whatever else may be clogged with dust, and the little bot can get started again. Hereś an article I found about it from November:

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