Climate change and real time data curricular ideas

  • I would like to find out if any of you use climate change real time data and lead the lesson to help students come up with an action plan for themselves and the immediate community. I am curious to see how the education world K-12 is gearing up for the climate change alarm...

  • Hi Srividhya,
    I have used several sites in the past. MOST of the time, there is so much information my kids struggle to dig in and utilize the information. I have some old activities, but have not found the effective.

    My kids NOW do a Climate Change Project that deals with the DIRECT impacts we have here in our state. They use the following website:

    However, they often can't get into the site because of our firewalls, so they need to find the actual video on YOUTUBE (which they are all there.)
    Each video explains what is happening in that city in our state and how GCC will impact that family, job, hobby, recreational activity, etc...
    They actually do a skit (either live or on video) to share with the class. I divide the class into groups of approx. 3 or 4 so we don't duplicate the video. Each topic is different. For example, one group might be doing the video on how GCC impacts our maple syrup industry. Another on the ice fishing in the area.
    I survey the students before and after on what they have learned.
    I am not touting this activity as a "BEST EVER" ... but the results have stated they LEARNED how GCC truly impacts US and our FAMILIES here in our state. Students stated they are now more interested in this topic because of what they have discovered.
    The rubric is also not perfect, but... I've used it for a couple of years and change it slightly each time.
    I do feel as they write about the PROBLEM, the MITIGATION and the ADAPTATION they learn MUCH about GCC (at least at this 8th grade level)... and they have FUN doing it.
    Kids like to become a newscaster... or the ski hill owner... or the fishermen out on the ice. They get into the whole props thing big time. For what it is worth, I have a rubric, but can't figure out how to attach it for you. I will give you this link, but not sure it will show up correctly on your end!
    I would love to hear your thoughts on all of this!

  • @Jeanine-Gelhaus

    Thank you Jeanine for sharing the information. I have requested access to your document. Once you give me the access, I will get it!

    I looked into the website and it looks very interesting. I need to see if there is something for NJ as well. Thank you again for the inspiration.

  • @Srividhya-Sundaram
    I did send back the ok to view! Let me know if you can get into it!

  • @Jeanine-Gelhaus

    Thank you, I got it

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