Micro-worlds - Does it work in Chromebook?

  • Hi All,

    I am planning to implement micro-worlds for my students. Does it work in Chromebooks?

  • I find that the digital lessons work in Chromebook which is awesome!

  • Hello,

    I have noticed two things in Chromebook to be aware of. One is in the Discussion Board. Often, when I go to the Discussion Board, it appears that the page is empty, and there are no discussions or posts. If I either refresh (sometimes more than once) or back out and reload the page, the posts and discussions will appear. I spent the first month the page was active thinking no one was writing anything. (Silly me!) The second thing I've learned to be careful about is my power supply while I am doing the activities on the Infiniscope site. I had nearly completed the ¨Where are the Small Worlds¨ activity when my Chromebook lost power for less than a minute. Part of the game/activity came back in tact, but all of my progress and the solar system map were gone. It was impossible to go on from that point, and I had to start over. (Bummer)

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