Juno Captures Volcanic Eruption on Io

  • Images taken on December 21st show volcanic plumes rising high above Io's surface along the terminator. Part of Io's surface is in the shadows, but the height of the plumes allows them to be bright. Since 1979, Io has been known to have active volcanoes, but Juno was able to aim 4 different cameras at it to capture the event. Article here: https://www.space.com/42876-jupiter-moon-io-volcanic-plume-juno-photo.html

  • @Rafael-Trujillo thank you for posting this. Juno seems to be a forgotten mission by some, but I think it is an amazing mission. I work Juno into presentations on solar cells, being as it is the farthest solar powered craft from the Earth, EVER.

  • Hi Rafael,
    In my classroom we do work with images from various satellites and telescopes so this will fit right into our scope of things. I have to tell you, I didn't know about Jupiter's moons or lo, specifically. I am learning and growing through this experience. I liked the short video clips that were attached and the images. They will certainly help me in my classroom with my 8th graders as I add these to my space bank of images. Thanks for sharing

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