No one has set foot on the moon in almost 50 years. That could soon change.

  • NASA will work with commercial partners and the space agencies of MANY other countries to create a moon-orbiting space station. They are also working on a permanent lunar base. The article states that we return to the moon in hopes of traveling further to Mars.

    An astronomy professor from Williams College (MA) stated in the article, "We had better get off our duffs, and stop trying to ride the glory [of] lunar exploration of fifty years ago." Looks like we are going to do just that!

    "Though commercial flights could start as early as 2019, NASA has yet to decide what the initial payloads will be.
    One common suggestion is a series of missions to investigate ice in permanently shadowed craters near the moon's poles. Lunar ice could be mined and converted to air, water and even rocket fuel — key resources necessary for humans to live permanently on the moon."

    There's just one problem: Scientists know the ice is there, but they aren't sure how much.

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