Super Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse coming!

  • On January 20, North America will have its last total lunar eclipse until 2021. Hereś some more information:

  • @Luna-Dara-Kelondra
    Have you ever had a lunar eclipse watch at your school? I would love to do this with my 8th graders in my high interest science class. It looks like it will start about 10:30 pm Eastern time so that means 9:30 here. If it goes to 11:30 that isn't that long. The issues we have would deal with weather. It could be 40 below zero here during that time (which could be totally normal)... or it could be cloudy. I know parents would not want to come pick up their kids, but was thinking of a lock in. The deal with that is it is a Sunday - so we have school the next day. If we wan't view this in person, besides the Internet video clips is there anything else you do with your kids to help them understand this phenomenon?

  • @Jeanine-Gelhaus Hi, Jeanine! Actually, I am a public librarian, so I haven't been able to do a lunar eclipse viewing with my kids, but I have done astronomy and eclipse programs and then encouraged them to go to our local science museum (roughly a mile away), where there is almost always a public viewing of anything interesting out on the lawn. The venus transit years ago drew a huge crowd. All the people who came from my program at the library to the museum to see it had a blast. I have taken kids out into a grassy area outside to watch the ISS fly over. You can actually see it with the naked eye! To help them understand the concepts, I will have them act out both types of eclipse. Someone is the sun, others are the moon and Earth. Then we swap out until everyone has had a chance to play one or more roles. It's fun. For 8th graders, I'd challenge them to figure it out first, then go into discussing the concept.

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