Take a Walk through SpaceX's Crew Dragon Spaceship

  • As I read the other article (Behold! SpaceX's lst Crew Dragon spaceship on launchpad) I realized I really DIDN'T know much about this mission or the ship. I found this great article which describes the ship in some detail. There are 19 slides that show images and provide commentary. Some of the information includes the dimensions of the ship and what is it made of. It talked about how many seats it has and what they hope to accomplish (e.g., trips back and forth to the ISS before going to Mars!) It gave the color scheme and talked about the interior design! (very modern). It also talked about how the crew would 'escape!'
    I continue to learn and grow through my research!
    I will def. be using this information with my students and also the link to this article and also the powerpoint slides.

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