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    Kahoot! Partnership Article

  • @Jessica-Swann Awesome. I Tweeted the info and tagged @GetKahoot and @Infiniscope. I will pass this on to our NJ Earth Science Listserv.

  • @Jessica-Swann

    Looks great! I played with solar system quiz. This might be a good one for pre-assessment or post assessment in a classroom based on the grade level.

    I have shared it with my colleagues at school. I will also share it with my Science Friday Colleagues.

  • @Srividhya-Sundaram EXACTLY what we are thinking. 😉

  • Hey Jessica,
    It is the end of the day here and I wanted to try some of the Kahoots out with my AP students. (Activity Period- 8th graders) My students are SUPER competitive and they love Kahoot. When I entered through your link it showed the whole COLLECTION of the NASA SPACE Kahoots on the left side. I have NOT seen those before and didn't know they existed.

    We played both the Mass Extinction: Annihilation from Above game
    and also the Our Solar System: Where are the Small Worlds?

    I NEVER expected them to get these questions right. I thought some were tough.... HOWEVER....
    I was the one to get the surprise!

    I might have to rethink some things concerning the Small Worlds and ESPECIALLY the Dino Doom. They know so much more than i expected. When I question them and asked how they already know so much without going through this content in class they replied that they have been excited about dinosaurs and the extinction process since they learned a bit in 3rd grade.
    So, I remember reading someone's comments about having this be a Pre-Assessment. I think that is a great idea!
    THANK YOU FOR SHARING. I'll be sharing those with our SCIENCE STAFF at our school.

  • I'm definitely going to check out Kahoot. Maybe we could come up with a way to partner with and create games on Roblox. That could potentially get some of the kids in my library. They live on Roblox!

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