Critical Thinking Activity for STEM students

  • In my exobiology lessons I ask students to explain the sustainable application of 3D printers for survival in extreme environments. I like asking students the question about the feasibility of using 3D printers in microgravity space an on other planets. I show this video at the summary of their discussions and then task them with creating 3D printed devices for living in space and on other planets.
    Space Station Live: 3D Printing in Space:

  • WOW... what a cool video. This could really be an incredible device to have on every rocket or in every new spot that we begin to live. I had not seen this video before and found it very worthy of sharing in my class.

  • That is a fantastic video. I watched it plus its sequel with the working ratchet. The ability to manufacture needed tools in space is something that we will have to master before we can attempt to really start our journey into space.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • So great. I will share this with our Earth Science teachers.

  • Such a great idea! And totality a realistic option for a future Mars habitat.

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