Earth's Early Oxygen

  • Resent research from our incredible leader here in the ETX Center (Ariel Anbar). If you are looking for content related to the coevolution of Earth and life, stromatolites and the Great Oxygenation Event are a great way to do that!’s-early-history

  • I came across the theory that oxygen was first produced by stromatolites years ago, but I can't remember where...could have been PBS.

    Thanks for sharing this article.

  • Hi Jessica,
    The article isn't probably something I would use at this level, but... we are currently studying rocks and minerals. In particular, we just finished studying shale. They said, "this is easy and also... who cares?" I explained to them that rocks can provide us with lots of information. They answered "like what?" Besides the fossils which help us to date the rocks I explained that some rocks, like the Mt. McRae Shale in Australia (which I learned about in the article) is really a chemical fingerprint of the ancient oceans they were deposited in. I explained that we can determine different elements from those rocks. (They understand about elements at this point!) They might not totally understand all of this yet, but it certainly shows me how we scaffold information and that we (as teachers) build on all of this information - which can lead to higher levels of content and research.

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