Impactors in the Kuiper Belt

  • A look at New Horizons evidence for the size and number of impactors discovered during the Pluto flyby.

  • Hi Christopher, I found the article very interesting...especially in light of the fact I just had my students doing the SMALL WORLDS activity. What I was surprised about was that my students did not know about the Kuiper Belt Objects or where the Kuiper Belt it is located beyond Neptune. That hindered their progress as they tried to work through the SMALL WORLDS activity. New Horizons has gathered some great data of Pluto and I am especially surprised that there is a lack of small objects. Why would that be?

  • Very interesting article. I wonder if there might have been more of the smaller objects in the past...Perhaps most of the smaller objects have been picked up by comets or other, larger bodies flying through the Kuiper Belt, and either redistributed throughout the solar system, or collided with planets, moons, or the sun... Or maybe they were pulled out of the solar system by larger "extra-solar" objects passing by our solar system...
    Maybe we'll discover where all the Kuiper Belt babies went someday.
    Thank you for sharing! Now I have something to ponder on for the rest of the day.

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