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  • Hello All!

    Looking for ideas/feedback. Currently we have 4 topic boards, however the general board gets all the action. If we were to reorganize the topic boards or rename them, what would be helpful chunks? Ideas such as:


    Let me know what you think! I'll throw your ideas into a survey for our next Newsletter. Maybe your ideas will be selected to guide our HIVESPACE!

  • I like the titles you listed. I would say go with these and if possible a brief explanation of what can go in each section when you click on it.

  • @Jessica-Swann What would examples of Authoring look like?

  • @Christine-Girtain Good question. I would envision it as a place to talk about lesson development using Smart Sparrow. Tips n Tricks, hacks you have implemented, call for help, etc. It would be a great way to involve the learning designers we have here in the ETX center also. They are the pros in authoring.

  • How about breaking the boards up by subject? Here are some quick brainstorms, or dust devils, if you prefer:

    Cosmic News/Discoveries
    Environmental News/Issues
    Cool stuff for Classrooms/students
    The Fascinating World of Nature
    Questions/Help me, please!

    Although, if there are too many boards, folks will get overwhelmed by all the choices...

  • I think Smart Sparrow might warrant its own heading. We could use that board for peer assistance and teaming up on projects, maybe...

  • I have to agree Spart Sparrow needs it own board. It could be an area for people to go to for help etc.

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