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  • I'm Tina Harris. I teach in Marion, IN. We are going one-to-one next year and this looked useful, as I teach Astronomy and Earth and Space Science (and sometimes Environmental). I try to integrate short videos, current events, and interactives (sims, webpages, student research projects that require reliable sources) ASAP.
    Greetings to the Hive.

  • @Tina-Harris Hi Tina! Welcome to the Hive! If you are interested in building your own lessons that are adaptive with all the components you've listed, sign up to join a cluster! I will be running training this summer. You can find the registration page on the community home page under announcements. 😃

  • @Tina-Harris hello,
    I teach environmental science and biology. I share this site with my students so that they may get involved with how the earth and space interact and effect the environment all around us. I especially enjoy sharing the lesson plans here with other fellow teachers. Nice to meet you.

  • Welcome Tina! I've always loved sharing science with kids and youth in interesting ways, and Smart Sparrow is great!

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