Help NASA tag this Moon Phases SVS Video! September 2019

  • NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS) is asking for your help tagging their videos. These tags will ultimately help other educators search the SVS site for content relevant to their classrooms or patrons. Take a peek at this video and reply below. In what topic, unit or event you would use this visualization?

    To "tag" a video, hit reply below and tell us what topic or unit you would use this video with. You are welcome to provide as many tags as you like, but please keep each to 1-3 words. For example, I might tag this video as:

    Moon Phases

    September SVS Video

    Hit reply to tag!!

  • LRO
    Moon Phases
    Moon's orbit
    Dial a Moon
    Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

  • Lunar day
    Lunar night
    Moon orbit
    Crater names
    Phases of the Moon

  • Lunar cycles 2019
    LRO data
    Moon phases
    Moon animations
    Interactive Lunar animations
    Moon craters
    Labeled Moon surface
    Lunar apogee
    Lunar perigee
    Moon phases
    Gibbous Moon
    Waxing/Waning Moon
    Lunar libration
    Earth/Moon motion
    Dial-a-day Moon phase

  • Moon phases
    Cycles of the moon
    Moon appearance
    Lunar topography
    Moon variation
    Moon orbit

  • @Jessica-Swann This is great SVS! Is there any way to slow down the visuals so that the names of the craters are easily viewable for the viewer? or Is this a project for us to provide support in NASA's SVS? Really interested in the "landing on the South Pole." Lisa Gethard

  • Apogee
    Moon Phases
    Full Moon
    New Moon
    Waning Gibbous
    Waxing Gibbous
    Waxing Crescent
    Waning Crescent
    Quarter moon
    First Quater
    Third Quarter
    Terminator line
    Animated Lunar Map
    Lunar orbit

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