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  • OCTOBER 2018
    A big, warm welcome to the newest Infiniscope Community members! We'd love to learn more about you! Hit "reply" below and tell us a little about yourself.

    Jeanine Gelhaus
    Angenette Planter
    Nicole Morison
    Christopher Mick
    David Lockett
    Francine Jackson
    Rafael Trujillo
    Denise Duke
    Kimberly Spiegel
    Ronni Morrisey
    Wayne Lloyd
    Shannon Shurko
    William Mitchell
    Deborah Voss
    Lora Thompson
    Susan Hammill
    Elizabeth Cooke
    Melissa Caudill
    Emma Marcucci
    Chad Hoover
    Nathan Powers
    Elisa Garcia
    Rafael Trujillo
    Brittney Kessler
    Tiffany Piatkowski
    Sandee Bieske
    Antony Kinyua
    Natasha Rabinowitz
    Gary Bodman
    Shoshana Frank
    Bruce Boehne
    Homero Sanjuanero
    Meridith Mitchell
    William Burgess
    Lori Miller
    Dennis Foote
    Samantha Levine
    Patty McGinnis
    Wayne Lloyd
    Caitlin Everhart
    Michelle Lind
    Crystal Lucas
    A. Marie Pool
    Alexandra Pond
    Sherri Stuckey
    Kathleen Walsh
    Melissa Sleeper
    Denise Wright
    Heidi Bjerke
    Jose Rivas
    Tyler O'Brien
    Katrina Madok
    Andrea Abt
    Roben Lepore
    Dawn Ide
    Erin Tyree
    Samuel Spence
    Letty Halpern
    Alicia Goodrick
    Kara Four Bear
    Benedetta Naglieri
    Chandra Keuhn
    Celeste Payne
    Morgan Hall
    Ehsan Gharib Nezhad
    Holly Wyers
    Victoria Fox
    Lindsey Dahl
    Dana Kosztur
    Blanca Gonzales
    Christine Girtain
    Max Cawley
    Melissa Pearcy
    Christina Dafopoulos
    Juliana Ciccarelli
    Luna Dara Kelondra
    Sarah Rae
    Tamara Hardegree
    Jolie Varholdt
    Christina Keasler
    Pushpa Ramakrishna
    Suzanne Birner
    Olivia Mendez
    Elizabeth Billy

  • Hello Everyone, I am Sian Proctor. I am a geoscience professor at South Mountain Community College in Phoenix, Az. I teach geology courses such as intro to planetary science, geologic disasters, and historical geology. I also teach sustainable cities and sustainable world type class. It's great to be a part of the group!

  • @Jessica-Swann Hello I do not see my name up here as a new member. It is Angenette Planter

  • Jeanine Gelhaus

  • @Angenette-Planter - Hi Angenette... I don't see my name on that list either... Maybe it is a list of some other group or????

  • @Jeanine-Gelhaus - Hi I am a middle level science teacher located in Medford, WI. Earth science is my favorite subject to teach. I am especially interested in what is currently happening in Yellowstone. Went to visit that location this summer and spent a couple of weeks hiking around! It seems much more active than the last time we visited (7 years ago).

  • @Jeanine-Gelhaus Maybe I didn't query far enough back. πŸ˜• Fixed now!

  • Hi, my name is Homero Sanjuanero and I'm a 5th-grade bilingual teacher in Mesquite Texas.

  • Hello! I'm Gary Bodman, I teach astronomy and chemistry at Eldorado High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have suffered through 14 year old astronomy books and lack of resources to engage students in meaningful current lessons in Astronomy, thanks to programs like Infiniscope.

  • Well, hello all! Kara Four Bear is my name and middle school is my game. πŸ™‚ Huh, is it just my screen or does the smiley faced emoji have my jawline?? LOL! Most happy to learn and share with you all. Looking forward to contributing in any way that is productive and helpful. Many thanks! πŸ™‚

  • @Kara-Four-Bear They remind me of jello molds with faces. πŸ˜‚

  • @Gary-Bodman Gary its great seeing you on the board. You are going to love it!

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am Sri ( Srividhya Sundaram). I am a middle school and a high school science teacher. I am happy to be a part of the community that works toward discovery and exploration. I am thrilled to collaborate with you to develop lesson plans or outreach programs that are more meaningful to the community.

  • @Sian-Proctor

    Hi Sian,

    Nice to meet you here. I am curious to know more about sustainable cities. What is it? Is it a program?..

  • Glad to be back. I hope to review several more activities, but more importantly, learn how to create them myself. It is my goal to use the holidays as "Smart Sparrow" time often.

    I was surprised no one "bit" at the idea of helping present in New Orleans on Nov 28th. If you have never been to New Orleans, you haven't eaten well...had to throw that in for the Convention and Visitors Bureau ✌

  • @Jessica-Swann Hello, I am a high school science teacher part of the G.I.F.T. program with Georgia Tech University. I teach science at Morrow High school in Clayton county Georgia, and I am excited to share my experience with my biology and environmental science and Food science students. I have been teaching for 20 years, and I am looking forward to working with each and every one of you.

  • @Angenette-Planter would love to share Env Sci and Biology experiences/activities which WORK WELL in the classroom. Nothing beats experience.

  • Hello, I am a 6th grade Earth Science teacher in Tifton, Georgia. I would love to learn about great activities and resources to bring Earth Science to life for my students.

  • @Jessica-Swann said in Meet the Newest Community Members!:

    🍁 November 2018 πŸ‚

    A big, warm welcome to the newest Infiniscope Community members! We'd love to learn more about you! Hit "reply" below and tell us a little about yourself.

    Liz Light
    Gilbert Amadi
    Deborah Voss
    Michelle Correia
    Denise Duke
    Arpan Bosmia
    Augustine Munobe
    William Mitchell
    Lucy Coleman
    Alma Alexander
    Mozh Jamison
    Genoveva Negron
    April Leachman
    Allison Gill
    Jill Magruder
    Sha Carpenter
    Theresa Acosta
    Sherell James
    Virginia Jones
    William Gilluly
    Hilarie Davis
    Ashley Thompson
    Amy Farkas
    David Lockett
    Cara Roberts
    Kevin Williams
    Amy Dugan
    Patricia Moody
    Rebecca Folk
    Pushpa Ramakrishna
    Suzanne Birner
    Olivia Mendez
    Elizabeth Billy
    Michelle Haskin
    Grace Conyers
    Karen Danczak Lyons
    Suzan Bawolek
    Derek LaLonde
    Benjamin Smith
    William Fee
    Lynn Cominsky
    Sujata Kumar
    Toni Stadelman
    Jill Vance
    Sue Weippert
    Jim Bell
    Steven Semken
    Carla McAuliffe
    Jessica Henricks
    Marcy Brown
    Amy Rogers
    Andrea Ackles
    Tanya Nash
    Lisa Jamin
    Maureen Smith
    Kristen Ewing
    Jacqueline Lopez
    Natascha Cox
    Tara Lawrence
    Richard Mathy
    Denis Valyo
    Melanie Templet
    Stevan Benker
    Sandy Doss
    Elana Resnick
    Jessica Gatti
    Amber Crosswhite
    Paige Mason
    Kathryne Barras
    Ashley Weems
    Cameron Beckham
    Cathy Richard
    Gina Charlet
    Erin Lawrence
    Lucien Kahn
    Tiffanie Wells
    Sara Wisdom
    Sydney Theriot
    Codie Goings
    Michael Delaney
    Jennifer Green
    Thomas Constant
    Ashley Thibodeaux
    Peggy Griffith
    Jessica Caldwell
    Shannon Sauder

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