What 360 camera would you buy?

  • Hello everyone,
    The Virtual Field Trip group wants to know which 360 camera you would buy if you could spend up to $500? The virtual field trips are all about capturing cool 360 images and videos so please share your thoughts on this technology and tell us why you'd choose that particular camera. Thanks!

  • @Sian-Proctor
    Hi! I have purchased Ricoh Theta 360 cameras for my classroom since they are easy to use and affordable. You will not need the 4k since it is almost double the price. The lenses do need to covered in the case when not in use, or they may be scratched. You can purchase for approximately $200 each. A monopod, selfie stick or tripod is recommended.

  • I have used the Rico Theta before and I really like them. I recently switched to the Insta360 One X. It has some features I like but is more complicated than the Rico.

  • @Sian-Proctor @Susan-Groff
    Thanks for the useful info and both answers in this discussion board!

  • I have used the Sony 360 cameras they have been discontinued as of this posting. Not sure if they are going to produce another type or new one. Here is a link to them on the Samsung website Samsung 360 Camera. I like that it comes with editing software you can use to stitch some of the footage. But I do understand the appeal of the Ricoh Theta series, they seem to be popular. I didn't have a good experience with the one I used. Here is a comparison between different types of Richo Theta cameras on BH Photo.

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