Support during transition to online.....

  • Hi Everyone!

    We are responding to educator needs as quickly as possible by getting the word out and offering Quick Start opportunities for our community, but I want to make sure we are addressing your real needs and not our perception of your needs. So, with can we best help you, our community, in this transition to online?

    Is it:

    • Locating digital content
    • Effective online teaching strategies
    • Effective online assessment strategies
    • Supporting parents through this transition
    • Locating non-digital content ONLY
    • Dealing with equity and access

    Something else?

    What are the best ways we can communicate this support?

    • Here in the Hivespace
    • Email only
    • Webinars
    • Open office hours
    • Community connection events (connect via Zoom with other educators in your area and grade level)

    Something else?

    We will tailor our support, training, and resources to best meet your needs.

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