Red Rocks Implementation Strategies

  • Have you used Red Rocks in your classroom? Tell us what implementation strategies you've used. Post your questions and ideas here!

  • I have tested the red rock and I used it to introduce rocks into my curriculum. When we went over sedimentary rocks , I went back to the lesson many times. Students understanding of the topic improved after implementing the lesson.
    One thing I would advise Teachers to do is create an addition question worksheet to help students and yourself keep track of their answers at the beginning. I created a simple worksheet to go along with the lesson.
    Feel free to contact me if you any ideas.

  • I posted the assignment as a link on Google Classroom. We had to be creative on how we got to the module.0_1543501071561_IMG_6436.PNG 0_1543501081685_IMG_6433.PNG 0_1543501090103_IMG_6431.PNG 0_1543501106787_IMG_6434.PNG 0_1543501138297_IMG_6432.PNG

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