Back to School - Fall 2020

  • We are planning our next series of professional development and supporting content, so we would love to hear from you! How's the planning for and implementing Back to School going for you?

  • I guess I'll start, we are hybrid. Half our kids zoom and the other half are in class. Our school is located in NC near UNC and NC state, they just closed down. Taking bets how long we will last. It's difficult and I think more work to plan for Hybrid. Classes can be asynchronous or synchronous depending on what you are doing. I'm going to a Mastery form of class. It gives students a bit of a leeway and a little more room to accomplish their goals for the unit. The tools I'm using and quite honestly loving are Microsoft Teams and OneNote. Everything syncs very nice with kids. OneNote keeps the kids organized, it's just a digital notebook really. Hopefully all will go well! Stay Safe and Healthy.

  • HI all!
    I am at a new school teaching a new grade level and subject. We are currently remote, but have the overarching threat of returning every 2 weeks. The challenge for me is that our curriculum was intended for teacher facilitated 5E models, and was not really adapted for remote. We are supposed to teach the same lessons in a new environment. I am currently going through the Infiniscope platform to spice up our very snooze worthy content. I would love to see Google Integrations of lessons!

  • @Diane-Ripollone Hey Diane! Great post! Can you tell us a bit more about how you are using OneNote with the kids? I'd love to share the idea with the teachers for my own kids. They are currently using a Google doc as a "digital notebook" and it is such a nightmare. My son has an infinite number of copies of copies of copies. It's maddening! The poor kid can never find the document he is looking for.

  • @Jessica-Swann I use it to keep the kids organized and distribute work to them. OneNote has tabs and sections just like a regular binder. It's great for kids who need organization. My students have Class Notes, Projects, Labs and Homework tabs. They can find all their work under these tabs and actually take notes on the pages. There are great Math functions too. Hope this helps, if you need more information let me know.

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