Meet our NEW Advisory Board!

  • With great pleasure, we announce our newest Infiniscope Advisory Board members! These members will serve our community over the next year; reviewing content, participating in community forums, and hosting their own events in their communities. They will be leaders in our community you can turn to if you have questions or concerns.

    Alison Oswald-Keene
    Angenette Planter
    Argy Leyton
    Celeste Payne
    Christine Girtain
    Christopher Mick
    Debbie Morgan
    Diane Ripollone
    Dr. Brian R. Shmaefsky
    Elizabeth Sebastian
    Helen Coyle
    Homero Sanjuanero
    Jayna Ashlock
    Jeanine Gelhaus
    John Dupuis
    Jose Octavio Rivas Jr.
    Juliana Ciccarelli
    Kara Four Bear
    Katrina Madok
    Lindsey S. Dahl
    Luna Dara Kelondra
    Maki Fullerton
    Meridith Mitchell
    Natasha Rabinowitz
    Noelle Luccioni
    Rafael Trujillo
    Sian Proctor
    Srividhya Sundaram

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