NSTA Conference Round-Up - National Harbor (MD): Nov. 15–17, 2018

  • Whoa! My mind is spinning from everything I learned from the NSTA conference in MD. Did anyone else go? There were so many opportunities to go to, I know I missed some. I would like to open the comments below to anyone who attended.

    1. Who are you/what is your subject area concentration/grade level?
    2. What was your favorite session from the NSTA conference? Why? Provide a brief summary.

    Let's share-out below!

    1. Juliana - K-12 Technology Integration in PA, USA
    2. Amazing Animal Senses - Using Movement and Games to Engage

    The session above outlined ways for students to move around and learn about science. My favorite demo was about predator/prey relationships. Instead of just teaching the vocabulary, students were assigned rolls (predator, prey, food, water, and mates.) The prey had to catch balls thrown by the others. If the prey did not catch the predator ball, it died! It was cool to introduce the predator after a few rounds. The priorities of the prey animal shifted. There's so much you could do with it!

  • I don't usually go to regionals unless they are in my own backyard, but if you go to National, I'm there!!

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