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  • What data visualization resources/workshops do you recommend?
    DataClassroom is a web app that allows teachers of grades 6-12 to grow data-intuition in students. It was designed from the ground up to inspire real understanding through visualization, interaction and teamwork. DataClassroom builds foundational skills for data science and statistics while preparing today's students to solve tomorrow's problems.
    Dataspire inspires and excites youth and stakeholders to be active citizens by enhancing data and science literacy.

    Enhance ability to read and interpret data.
    Build confidence in manipulating data in models and visualizations.
    Inspire critical thinking and ability to ask scientific questions.
    Enhance science communication skills.
    BioInteractive’s Data Points are a monthly series that features a graph or figure from a scientific journal article for students to interpret and discuss as a class. The student handout includes the figure, caption, and a short background description. The educator guide includes discussion questions and additional information to help you guide a class discussion.

  • @Christine-Girtain

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks for posting these resources. I am interested in Rutgers summer program for teachers.

    Biointeractive data points are cool! I am curious if you have implemented it in class.If yes, what grades tried it? How did it go? What guiding questions did you provide them with?

  • @Srividhya-Sundaram I teach a 3 year research course so I have only used data points with the students who benefit from the topic. They read through it on their own and then annotate the journal article it is associated with. I have used the Wolbachia one, Using Wolbachia to Suppress Mosquito Fertility. I have a few students doing research that involves Wolbachia. Look into the Waksman Student Scholars Program as well at Rutgers if you are within or close to NJ.

  • @Christine-Girtain Thanks Christine for clarifying.

  • New BS in Data Science @ USciences

    The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (USciences) is excited to announce the offering of a new Bachelor Degree in Data Science starting Fall 19. Currently, there are less than 40 bachelor programs in Data Science offered in the United States.

    Data Science is an interdisciplinary blend of tools, scientific methods, algorithms, processes, and systems and requires a variety of skills and concepts associated with statistics, computer science, and mathematics. USciences’ bachelor’s degree program in Data Science will provide students with the knowledge, skills, and technical foundation to make sense of the avalanche of data we generate, unlock scientific insights, and tackle today’s most complex multidisciplinary problems.

    As more organizations collect troves of valuable data, they need professionals who can manage this information, extract insight from it, and communicate their findings across sectors. In fact, the demand for data scientists will soar 28% by 2020. Glassdoor has rated Data Scientist the best job in the nation in the last 3 consecutive years, based on the number of job openings, the job satisfaction rating, and the median annual base salary.

    If you and your students are interested in learning more about our BS in Data Science, please visit our website at and feel free to contact me by email at or

  • Thanks to @mr_reedy & Cox et al. 2015 for a video explaining the visualizations to HS students. Looking for other authors in multiple genres to do the same. PM me C Girtain @CCgirt if you can donate time

    via @YouTube
    Outline link

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