Flipping Classrooms

  • For the past 3 years I have been using Edpuzzle to create lessons that promote a flipped classroom environment. The site is very to use and is free.


    I am curious to know what sites or software all of you have used to help flip classrooms?

  • @Jose-Rivas I will SECOND your recommendation of EdPuzzle to flip classrooms. (I do think the name EdPuzzle maybe doesn't clearly explain what it does) You can take others videos or your own and create questions for your students within the video and assign them (easy through Google Classroom...even if you are like me and use Google Classroom only for things like quickly setting up your students/classes on sites/assignments). I prefer to make my own questions, but there are plenty of "pre-made" ones from other teachers.

  • @Jose-Rivas I also flip the classroom and I use OneNote. There are a many tools out there depending on if your district is a Google school or Microsoft School.


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