Mars Sounds!

  • Have you heard the sounds of Mars yet?? Click below to hear the wind on Mars!

  • Nice! I actually heard the wind video played on the radio yesterday. Itś great to know that NASA and space exploration are back in the public eye.

  • Hi Meridith,
    Does the video actually provide the sound of the wind or is it the visualization of how they are collecting the evidence through the seismometers that I saw in the video? I listened twice hoping to hear the wind.... but didn't. It could be too much noise in my classroom or just that background hum of the kids, but I didn't hear it.
    I really LIKED the visualization of how the robot unfolded the solar wings and also how it placed the seismometer on the ground. I will def. use this video after Christmas when we start our Space unit. Thanks for sharing.

  • @Jeanine-Gelhaus My understanding is the sound has been 'enhanced' so we can hear it. There is sound, but probably got lost in the buzz of the classroom. With only 1% of the atmosphere of Earth, there aren't really enough molecules to transmit sound very effectively. A human talking at normal volume would be no more than a whisper. So, long story short, these are the sounds of Mars, just louder.

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